Total Cleanse Program For Complete Body Transformation & Establishing Healthy Living Habits

1 hr | $900

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You’re stuck and it’s time for change. Take action and begin your health and wellness journey to become the best version of yourself through the holistic approach to healthy living!

You can achieve all of your health and fitness goals with my Total Transformation: 90-Day Intensive program at Eden Rejuvenation Health Coaching. This total wellness program is tailored toward your unique needs, whether that be holistic nutrition tools, health tips, fitness guidance, or any other aspect of your body cleanse. Together, we will take the necessary steps to help you transform into the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.​

This isn’t a health coaching program to get it done quickly. It’s a total healthy living program to get it done right with gradual improvements to establish healthy lifestyle habits. You will do the work, and together we will uncover your desires, your motivation for change, and what has been holding you back from your health and fitness goals. As your personal holistic health coach, I will provide you with the right wellness plan, ongoing support, and accountability to get you to where you want to be in life. You will walk away with the tools to be able to continue on your own and thrive through healthy living.

Like everything in life, what you get out of this holistic health and wellness program is a direct result of what you put in. There are no ‘magic wands’ here. You may want to give up and fall back to your unhealthy habits, because, well, it’s just easier. If you are ready to do some real work on yourself, then this total wellness program is for you. The 90-Day Intensive Total Transformation is not just about your diet and establishing a healthy food plan using holistic nutrition, although it is a large part of this total body cleanse.​

What you will get:

  • 12 weekly, 40-minute customized holistic health coaching sessions (phone or video)
  • One weekly e-mail from me to check in on your progress with the wellness plan
  • Holistic nutrition handouts, cheat sheets, and checklists tailored just for you and your health and fitness goals
  • Access to my personal health coaching app
  • Healthy substitution recommendations for your favorite foods (so you never feel deprived) during your healthy eating journey
  • Movement/stretching hacks and recommendations based on your unique health and wellness goals and schedule
  • And so much more!

Location & Contact Details

Tel: (602) 702-4660
Phone/In-Person (Phoenix, AZ)/Skype
Cancellation Policy: For wellness program cancellations, please e-mail us 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time at